Graduation Day.

12 06 2011

Yesterday was a hellish day as you can tell from my crazy blood sugar swings. My Mom and Aunt came to Corvallis early to prep for my graduation party, my mom drives me crazy in small doses and a whole day with my Aunt and Mom was far to much for me to handle coming off of finals week.
I don’t want to go into too much detail but I took my Mom and Aunt to my senior Varsity “O” brunch for graduating Oregon State Student -Athletes, which Edward attended and I am so eternally grateful for because I swear having him around lowers my blood pressure.

Following the Varsity O Brunch I went from feeling bad to feeling horrible. We went to the MU (Student Union) because my Aunt really wanted to see the building and after a long walk I finally go the chance to take a break, my blood sugar was well over 400 on top of getting used to new thyroid and statin pills. Proof Stress is diabetes worst enemy.
Needless to say the world felt like it was against me, the good news is insulin worked well and Apirda is the best invention ever for crazy highs, so I was starting to feel a bit better.

We then ventured over to the Health and Human Science Brunch where I got to see some professors and eat lots of zero carb vegis (The benefits of a health major lots of vegis)

I ended up going to work for a little bit, getting my hair cut, shopping for a grad dress, and buying food for the party, and honestly the highlight of the day,cleaning my four story house for over 3 hours while my mom and aunt went out for drinks and then I ended the evening with a movie.

Funny story I found out my Aunt snores like a chain saw!!! So no sleep was to be had, and apparently my Mom woke up also and started throwing stuffed animals at her before the whole town got deforested.

It was a day of no exercising and lots of high stress but it came and and is now gone, and today was a much better day.

I woke up with great blood sugar and treated myself with some Star Bucks! Nothing like getting up on the right foot.
My graduation ceremony lasted from 9am to 1pm with the line up and the walk and the whole shabang a big graduation ended up being a blessing because after yesterday I was so happy to be alone in a sea of people.

The highlight of my day was meeting my dad after the ceremony under the big football the only family member to actually go to Reser Stadium to watch (I’m actually not upset about that at all it was so great) and walk with him for about 1.5 miles home, my dia-Dad is awesome and such a solid rock to my foundation. (It’s not that I don’t like my Mom it’s just a very different relationship).

Once back at my house I had about 17 Aunts and Uncles to entertain lots of fun lots of food lots of Kauffman-Kongslie memories along with Edward and his parents it was all very cool.

I’m finally alone in my room in the dark, listening to my roommate play a pleasant song on the grand piano downstairs. later tonight I might go for a walk or a jog. I’m not sad or happy that I’m graduated maybe a little relieved and ambitious for the future.

Tomorrow I’m going to go for a much needed long bike ride with the OSU triathlon club, and get some more work hours in, I look forward to normalcy and a routine, I think a afternoon of painting with Doris the elderly lady I help care for will be nice.

There is so much more about these past few days that I would love to share like my moms missing cup cakes, some awkward family moments like my Mom telling Edward’s mom that I need to carry around a sack of coffee grounds to practice for my baby (definitely not going to happen any time soon) and I don’t know who had a more red face me his mom or Edward, I also had  memorable moments with my wonderful extended family that I haven’t seen in forever, but instead of all those moments I’ll leave you with this..

In the big picture of things I know…God is good, and has always been good to me, everything will also be okay in the long run, a positive outlook will get me through anything, my parents and family love me and I love them, and even though diabetes can make you feel like crap, deep breaths and patients will save you from a mental breakdown.


A Few New Hurdles.

10 06 2011

Today is my second full day of starting hypothyroidism medication and my new statin anti-cholesterol medication. I don’t know if it’s just psychological but I already feel a lot better. I went for a fast 6.5 mile run at 7:28 per mile pace with my good friend and former team-mate Ashley, and also a somewhat short bike ride with my boyfriend, even though the weather was hot I had lots of energy and am feeling great as the day starts to wind down.

I bring this up because I just found out about having hypothyroidism smack dab in the middle of finals week this week. It was upsetting to me because I got my blood results back from my fellow PWD endocrinologist (who is also the endo to my dad and grandma all type 1’s). Unfortunately cholesterol was through the roof, my thyroid seemed to be crapping out, and for the past month I’ve been working out like mad and only seeming to gain weight. So not only is being a type 1 a huge hurdle for exercising throw in the thyroid and you might as well not try. Or as I am now attempting.. to try harder.

My very good Dia-Buddy called me today and it’s really special when she calls because contact with phoenix is few and far between. Phoenix is a nurse now and has many medical problems besides just being a PWD, but her spirit is awesome and taking to her is like prozac time a million. Basically every time I hear from her I feel more uplifted which is why I feel having dia-buddies is so important for the mental health of this chronic CHRONIC condition.

We discussed about how crappy it can be to try so hard with diabetes and still have another brick wall in your face. I love to be competitive it’s what I live for in many respects of my athletic life, and to now be told that my heart is not in the greatest shape and my thyroid is only making things worse, is like wearing sand bags around my ankles.

So I have a plan. I’m going to do my best as one with diabetes can only do to keep a steady glucose level, eat healthy, keep exercising and staying on top of my now many meds. I’m going to try to keep my own version of on this blog to keep myself honest and on track with my management.

I’m going to keep the faith and strive to be healthy like all soul runners strive for, and if God decides to throw more hurdles my way I want to be ready for the leap. 

Today Is A Good Day To Start A Blog.

9 06 2011

Today I am reaching out to connect with the blogging world and share my story.

It’s a great day to start, I finished my last college class today and I am the first of my siblings (probably the only one the way things are looking) to graduate from college. Oregon State University School of Public Health. I’m pretty impressed with myself because it’s been a struggle. I decided I hate writing classes (funny I have a blog now) not a fan of anthropology, really what do you do with an anthropology degree??!! And don’t get me started on Sociology or Psychology. It’s a wonder how I ever got this far. But all things public health I can manage.

I’m not sure how to introduce myself so I’ll just dive right in. I’m 22, not single, 5’7″ I’ve been known to look Asian, it’s a lie I’m Norwegian and German just incase there is confusion there. Wow this is sounding like a account better slow down.

One of the reasons I’m starting this blog is to share my life as a person with diabetes with the world and maybe hear some other people’s stories along the way. Some of my most special friends are people with diabetes (PWD) and the last three summers I was either a camp counselor in Oregon or part of the health care team at The Barton Center for Diabetes Education in Massachusetts. Side note if you are a PWD or have a CWD I totally recommend checking out The Barton Center it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. This summer however I am not going to be around my people so this is a great way to stay connected to the community.

I’ve had lots of interviews about my life with diabetes especially how it relates to running, I’ll post some articles later when I figure this whole blog thing out so you can get an idea but I no longer run D1 Track and XC for OSU and I have to say I’m a bit happy about that. One of the biggest struggles with running was diabetes as much as I hate to see that written down it’s true. And I am more free now to workout and run races, bike, swim, do a marathon at my own pace and it’s wonderful. Not to say I haven’t had the most amazing coaches ever especially at OSU and my teammates were also fantastic. Go Beavs!

My goal this summer is to run 15 races and finish 3 triathlons. So that is going to be a big part of my summer blogging.

My Second Goal is to share with you about positive aspects of my life unrelated to living with diabetes because as much as this is part of my day every day my life is so much more than being defined as a diabetic. (my least favorite word BTW is diabetic so I’ll try to use it sparingly).

My Third Goal is to do well at my internship and get a full time job as a disaster preparedness officer with health benefits before my insurance runs out in October.
I have a feeling I’m going to have lot’s of fun sharing with the blogging community.